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What is in your DRYER?

Ever Wonder What is in Your Dryer?

Did you know that dryers cause about 15,000 house fires a YEAR?  We know what your thinking “I clean the lint filter every time?”  Is that really enough? What about the lint the filter doesn’t catch? Wonder where that other sock went? So many different things can clog the dryer that usually just get thrown in to dry. (Athletic shoes, bras, foam backed rugs, ect).

Routine Maintenance

1.  Keep cleaning that lint filter, make sure it’s cleaned off before and after each use.
2. Clean the back of the dryer where the lint can get trapped. (recommend doing this weekly)
3. If you use dryer sheets, remove the lint filter (the dryer sheets leave a waxy residue on the filter), and scrub it with soapy water.  Let it dry before placing it back in the dryer. (recommend doing this at least once a week)
4. “Deep Clean” the dryer.  *keep reading to find out how* (at least yearly)

“Deep Clean”

Tools Required:

Drill, Flat Head Screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver, hose, cleaning solution(recommend Tom’s Totally Awesome from Dollar General), and a cleaning brush (dishwasher brushes work great) or a soap pad

Safety First! These Dryers are SHARP. Make sure to wear gloves and look out for the sharp edges.

1. Unplug the dryer and take it outside (or somewhere it can be broken down and get wet).

Here’s our dryer…its a little dirty.
2. Pop open the top of the dryer open. (A flat head screwdriver may be required to pop clips)

(Here it is open. That black thing is a clip.)

3. Once it’s opened up remove the door.  This is where the drill will come in.  There will be some screws to remove. Remove the door (Most models the door is attached by clips on the bottom just lift the door straight up.)

4. Now look inside…dirty.  To remove the tub, unhook the belt from the pulley located on the right side of the dryer (attached to the motor).

(That’s nasty.  Dirt, lint, and who know what else.)

5. Grab that hose and spray all that lint, coins, whatever was left inside your pockets when the clothes got dried. (You might make a buck out of this!) Lean it back or forward and let the dirty, lint filled water drain out.

6.  Spray it down with this stuff. And scrub it with the dishwasher brush to remove dirt, lint, and all the gunk!  The soap pads can be used to remove the tough spots. Spray the soap out.

7.  Move to the back of the dryer.  (Note: tools required to remove a few screws) Spray down the back to remove any lint or buildup currently on it.

8.  Note: Tools required to remove the lint filter chute.  Remove the chute.

It will look like this. Hello Fire Hazard.

9. Spray it out with the hose, spray it with Tom’s, and scrub it with the brush. Then spray it again with the hose.

Wow what a difference.

10. Spray inside the heater to get any lint stuck to it. Spray any other parts that look like they need a washing.

11.  Reassemble the dryer and let it dry.  It should be running better and more efficient.  Not to mention the piece of mind of preventing a fire hazard.


It isn’t complicated to prevent a dryer fire and keep your dryer running longer.

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Thank You for Reading.