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Things to consider when buying appliances. New vs Used.

Things to consider when buying appliances. New vs Used.

Buying new appliances can be a costly investment but worry not there is an alternative!

Buying used appliances can save you a lot of money! Appliances are a lot like new cars when it comes to them in value.  Once you take them home the value of them DROPS.  That new HE washer and dryer set that was just purchased at $1500 last year will sell only for about $600 the next year.  That is a huge price drop!

Pros of Buying New

*Usually comes with a year manufactured warranty.

*Has new features that some of the used appliances may not.

*Comes with new bragging rights.

Pros of Buying Used

*If you buy from the right place it also comes with a warranty (Usually a few months instead of a year)

*Still has many features

*Save $$$….it’s like Buy One Get One Free vs buying new


Cons of Buying New

*May take a long time to get your appliance serviced under the manufactured warranty

*The price of the appliance depreciates quickly

*It’s an expensive purchase

Cons of Buying Used

*Might not have all the features you want

*Buying from an individual can be risky.  This could be avoided by buying from a reputable refurbished appliance company.

So there you have it.  You make the decision. New vs Used.