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Stinky Washer?

Stinky Washer?

Over time you might start to notice a pungent smell oozing from your laundry room; the culprit is your beloved washer.  Over time gunk, mildew, and just plain nastiness builds up in your washer.  FEAR NOT my friends! Here are some helpful tips on how to keep the smell from overtaking your home.



Run the washer through an empty load with bleach only on warm or hot.  This will help break down some of the gunk and grime.  I recommend doing this once a week if you do a lot of laundry!



If you have a front load washing machine clean the drain under the seal after each load.  Dirt, grime, and whatever you forgot in your pockets will fill up those tiny drain holes causing the water to sit and smell.  Just take a rag and wipe it down after each load.



If you do have a fabric softener dispenser and/or a bleach dispenser we recommend also cleaning these items.  The fabric softener dispenser should just pop off the top of your agitator.  You can just wash this item with the load of bleach.  This will help get the soap scum out.  You can also do the same with the bleach dispenser.



These three simple steps will help you have a clean, better smelling washer!


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