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How to Install your Washer and Dryer.

How to Install Your Washer and Dryer.

Did you just buy a washer and dryer and decided to install them yourselves?  We’ve got you covered.  Follow our easy step by step instructions on installing your washer and dryer.


  1. Make the ground is level and that the floor can withstand weight up to 300lbs. (each gallon of water is 8.3lbs).
  2. Check back of washer to locate where the drain hose/discharge hose attaches.  Make sure you have a water tight seal when putting the drain hose on.
  3. Find where the water inlet hoses need to be attached.  One side will have a H for hot.  Attach this to your left spigot (the left side is usually the hot).  One side will have a C for cold.  Attach this to your right spigot.  Turn both hoses on.
  4. Plug in washer and start.  Check for drips from all three hoses.  Let washer fill completely up.  Check the different temperatures to make sure the water is coming in with both temperatures.  If the hot comes through the cold you must switch the hoses.
  5. Check all different water levels, temperatures, and is spinning the water out correctly.
  6. Slide the washer into place (its permanent home) and level accordingly.


    1. Determine what kind of plug you need.  (4prong or 3prong, occasionally a 3prong stove plug is required.)  Make sure the dryer is UNPLUGGED before starting the next process.  Most 3 prong plugs the center wire is going to be your neutral.  The neutral must be mounted the the center screw/nut.  The two outside must be attached to the respected two outside ones.  4 prong the white is your neutral.  Red and black are your hots.  The neutral goes to the center.  The red and black go to the outside.  The green is the ground and is attached to the separate ground screw or can be attached to the white neutral.  Make sure all screws holding in the plug are firmly in place allowing no wiggle room on the plug.  If they are loose it could prematurely kill your dryer.  Make sure plug screw and nuts are covered.  Follow the link below to see a video on how to install.
      How to Put on the Dryer Plug


    2. Plug in dryer and make sure it turns on.
    3. Once the dryer is running turn it back off.  Now attach your vent hose from the back of your dryer to the wall.
    4. Restart your dryer once the vent hose is in place.  Go immediately outside and locate your dryer vent exhaust.  Make sure you have proper exhaust/ventilation.  If it is not blowing strong there could be blockage in your vent hose.  We recommend that you run your first load with vent hose unattached.
    5. If after installing vent hose and the dryer isn’t drying properly call a professional to clear out your vent hose blockage.
    6.  Slide dryer into place and level accordingly.

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    (Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any injuries/personal property harm that may occur from using this install sheet.)TN Appliance Exchange Inc