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How clean is your washer?


When we wash our dirty laundry where does all the “dirty” go?  Washers are surprisingly full of bacteria.  The biggest culprit E.coli.  Those lovely undergarments carry the E.coli bacteria which “washes” off onto the rest of the laundry.  It can even stick around in the washer for your next load of laundry.  Here’s a few ways to keep that washer clean.

Routine Cleaning

1. It’s easy to kill all the E.Coli bacteria that may wash onto your clothes.  Use some bleach.  Regular old detergent just isn’t going to kill the bacteria, but detergent with bleach will.  The best combination is using HOT water (140-150 degrees) and BLEACH with each load.  Bleach kills 99.9% of the bacteria found on your clothes.
2.  Each week run an empty load with just bleach and hot water.  Run the washer through a full cycle.
3.  Want to go all out?  DEEP CLEAN your washer.

Deep Cleaning

Tools Required:

Phillips Screwdriver, Flat Head Screwdriver, hose, cleaning solution(recommend Tom’s Totally Awesome from Dollar General), and a cleaning brush (dishwasher brushes work great) and/or a soap pad, respirator mask, and muriatic acid, gloves.

Safety First! These washers are SHARP. Make sure to wear gloves and look out for the sharp edges.

1. Unplug the washer and take it somewhere where it can be broken down and get wet.
2. Use those tools to remove the outer body of the washer.
That ring of black is dirt, grime, mold, and just nasty.
3. Pop the white ring above the tub off.  There are clips attaching it to the tub just use the flat head screwdriver to lift them off. (Be careful not to break them).

4. Put on the respirator mask and gloves.  Spray the muriatic acid down the inside of the tub and on the white ring. (Where all the gunk is).  Let it sit for a few minutes then spray down with water.  This will remove most of nastiness.

5. To clean off the rest spray the washer down with the cleaning spray.  Scrub the inside of the tub with your cleaning brush.  This will remove the stubborn dirt.  Spray it out again with water.

6.  Check out how clean your washer is now.

7.  You can clean the “body” of your washer too.  Spray it with the water to remove the first layer or dirt.  Then spray it with the cleaning solution and scrub it with your brush.  Spray it down again with water. Now your WHOLE WASHER is clean.

8.  Let it dry and put it back together.

A little elbow grease goes a long way to keeping your washer germ free.

We use this process to clean out every washer we sell.

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