1. My dryer is getting hot, but it is taking 2 or more cycles to dry.
Step 1: Make sure your lint filter is cleaned. This must be cleaned after each load to ensure proper air flow.
Step 2: Remove vent hose from the wall and the dryer.  Now run the dryer without the vent hose.  If this cuts the drying time significantly you know there is vent hose blockage (vent hose blockage is any kind of restriction in the line leading from the wall to directly outside your home).  Check your vent hose line to make sure it isn’t clogged.  If it’s clogged the dryer will not ventilate properly.  If it is clogged contact a specialist to clear it.
(Note: Most dryers will not heat half way)

2. My dryer will not start or is turning without heating.
Most dryers are required 240 volts which is run off a two pole breaker.  This is a possibility that half your breaker may have tripped.  If this is the case the breaker will not send power to the plug.  Check your breaker at the power/breaker box.  If you are suspicious of this you can check the voltage at the plug.  If you feel uncomfortable doing that call a professional.  Most breakers if not labelled for the dryer will be a 30amp 2 pole breaker. Flip breaker off and back on to see if this fixes the issue. (Electric dryers only).

3.  My washer is leaking.
Check hose connections to make sure there are no drips.  Inspect drain hose/discharge hose(located on the back of your washer) for leaks.  Make sure it is inserted into the drain correctly and make sure your drain is not overflowing.

4.  My washer is shaking during the spin cycle.
Make sure the load is not overloaded.  Most washers can not handle king size comforters. (Unless you have a King size washer).  Take this in consideration when you are loading your clothes.  Make sure the ground is level.  Adjust legs to level out washer.

5.  My washer will not run/drain.
Check the power.  The easiest way to do this is to plug in something else.  If no power is present find your washing machine breaker.

6.  My front loader stinks.
If the front loader is operating well, look inside the door towards the bottom of the rubber gasket, there should be several holes for the water to drain away.  Make sure it is not clogged.  If mildew/mold is present this can be cleaned by spraying bleach directly on it and allowing it to dry.  After run a load with ONLY bleach and hot water.

7.  My refrigerator is making a hissing sound in my freeze/my fan only runs sometimes.
All modern refrigerators are equipped with a defrost.  This means every 12hrs the machine will turn into a defrost cycle.  When in the defrost cycle the compressor and fan shuts off and a heater turns on.  The heater stays on five minutes or so.  This may be the “hissing” sound you hear (the ice melting and dripping onto the heater) this is normal.  Also in defrost mode the fan will not operate.  The defrost cycle usually last 20-30 minutes.

8.  My refrigerator is leaking water.
Most modern refrigerators comes equipped with a defrost.  This melts the ice and the water (from the ice) goes through a drain and drains to your drain pan.  Drain pan needs to be cleaned biannually.

9.  My refrigerator is getting as cold as it used to.
Inspect to make sure the inside fan and outside fan are working.  Check the coils on the back of the dryer to ensure they aren’t covered in dust.  Clean the coils every few months.

10.  My bake/broil is not working.
Check your power. 2 pole 40 amp breaker.  The stove may have tripped the breaker.  Reset the breaker by switching it off then back on.


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