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Dryer taking too long to dry?

Dryer taking too long to dry?Is your dryer taking way too long to get the clothes dry?  Well, we want to help you figure it out. There are a few reasons why your dryer would take longer to dry.

1. Sometimes it isn’t even the dryers fault for why your clothes wont dry. *Also it didn’t steal your sock* So stop blaming the dryer all the time and check out the dryer vent.  This is more than just the silver (or white) vent hose that goes from the back of your dryer to wall in your home.  It is also the venting system from the wall in your home to the outside of your house.  This can become clogged up with lint over time causing your dryer to not be able to ventilate properly.

The clogged vent (can even be partially clogged) from inside to outside will definitely increase the drying time.

2. Clean that lint filter every time.  Just like the vent hose if the lint filter is full of lint the dryer cant vent properly.  Clean the lint filter after every load.  Also if you use fabric softener, once a week clean the lint filter with warm soapy water.  The fabric softener leaves an unseen residue that causes the air to not filter properly.

 3. You may have a broken blower wheel. Or it could have something blocking it from turning. The blower wheel is attached to the back to the dryer. Sometimes things fall down the lint trap chute and into the blower wheel.

4. Heating Element isn’t heating anymore. The heating element warms the air as the dryer tumbles.  If this is broken.  Well it wont heat.

*The heater is the silver thing on the right*

5. High Limit Thermostat is broken.  This is there so the dryer will not over heat.  If this is bad it can turn off the heater before it is supposed to.

6. The cord on your dryer isn’t properly connected. If the cord on your dryer isn’t connected properly it will cause the dryer to not heat or half heat.  Make sure to unplug your dryer and check to make sure the cord is on tightly.

So now you are the expert.  Clean the dryer and stop blaming it for stealing your socks!