DIY Washer Install


  1. Make the ground is level and that the floor can withstand weight up to 300lbs. (each gallon of water is 8.3lbs).
  2. Check back of washer to locate where the drain hose/discharge hose attaches.  Make sure you have a water tight seal when putting the drain hose on.
  3. Find where the water inlet hoses need to be attached.  One side will have a H for hot.  Attach this to your left spigot (the left side is usually the hot).  One side will have a C for cold.  Attach this to your right spigot.  Turn both hoses on.
  4. Plug in washer and start.  Check for drips from all three hoses.  Let washer fill completely up.  Check the different temperatures to make sure the water is coming in with both temperatures.  If the hot comes through the cold you must switch the hoses.
  5. Check all different water levels, temperatures, and is spinning the water out correctly.
  6. Slide the washer into place (its permanent home) and level accordingly.