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Did you know the cold has effects on your washer and dryer?

Did you know the cold has effects on your washer and dryer?

In the winter time we wear layers of clothing that weigh more than the summer outfits. So when we go to wash them we get more lint from the clothes. A good way to help the dryer run more efficient is by cleaning the dryer vent.  Actually it is a good idea just to clean your dryer vent quarterly.  In the winter time the hot air coming from the dryer vent mixes with the cold air from the outside and can cause it to ice over.  This will block the dryer from venting correctly.  If you see that your dryer is running longer than usual to dry your clothes make sure to check that vent out!

Let’s talk about that washer now. We recommend that you have your unit in a controlled temperature environment, room temperature is best.  But not all of us have the luxury of having our laundry units inside the house.  If this is the case here are some things to look for that may be a problem.

*The water inlet valve may freeze

*Water pump may freeze

*The brake will react in a violent stoppage which will in turn destroy your machine

Really anything to do with water because, well, water freezes. So the best option, if your laundry unit is in a cold place, get a heater to keep it warm.  Spend a little money to save having to buy a new washer.


Clean that vent hose

Make sure the vent hose isn’t blocked

Keep the washer in a warm place