14 online pharmacy facts about sex

Despite the fact that modern online pharmacy constantly discusses a variety of topics that relate to sex, many facts do not cease to amaze and shock. Some of them are completely impossible to believe, but it is useless to argue with the arguments of scientists.

Dog owners have sex more often than cat owners

This conclusion was reached by the British company VetPlus during the poll of animal lovers. As it turned out, the average “dog” sex occurs three times a week, and “cat” – only two.

How successful a woman’s personal life can be seen by the way she walks

Belgian scientists believe that sexually satisfied woman is more relaxed and free, and ladies who have problems with buying of drugs, look clamped.

Sex is the prevention of senile brain diseases

In the study, researchers from the University of Maryland found a relationship between the absence of regular sex with vardenafil and the deterioration of brain activity over the years. They found that those who were ok with their personal lives were less likely to complain of a decrease in thought activity in general, as quality sex with products for men health is an incentive for the hippocampus, an area of the brain that is responsible for attention and memory.

A sense of humor is the way to orgasm

According to a report by scientists in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, the greatest pleasure ladies give confident men with a good sense of humor.

People with different political views do not feel each other’s sexual fragrance

Sexual sympathies depend on the aroma that a partner exudes, the American Journal of Political Science reports. The smells of people who share our political views seem to be the most exciting.

Lovers of hot sandwiches are more active in sex

It really sounds implausible. And yet, according to American scientists, fans of fried cheese and high quality brand name medications are temperamental in bed and more often ready for sexual contact than those who do not like it.

Hormonal contraceptives change women’s perception of the partner

Women are attracted to men with a set of genes, which is as different as possible from their own. In ancient times, it protected from incest and the birth of a weak offspring. But when taking some contraceptive pills, there are radical changes, and the woman chooses a partner genetically similar to her.

Women can make a voice sexier, but men can’t

This is evidenced by the study of scientists from Albright College. Falling in love affects the same parts of the brain as drugs. It is known that falling in love can cause euphoria. Psychologist Helen Fisher did an MRI of the brain for people who are in a state of love and noticed that changes in the brain are similar to those that cause drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

Sex helps to strengthen bones

Scientists from the University of California, Los Angeles, claim that high-quality regular sex is the prevention of osteoporosis and bone fragility.

Women are attracted to men in red

Red is the color of passion and love. In addition, men who wear clothes of this color, impress women successful and confident.

The perfect frequency of sex for happiness

Scientists are surprised to note that couples who purchase affordable medications have sex once a week show more satisfaction with life than those who do it more often or less often.

Strongest male aphrodisiac

Chicago scientists have revealed what aroma acts excitingly on men. They turned out to be a mixture of lavender and pumpkin pie.

Funny text messages increase the chances of sex.

According to opinion polls, funny text messages increase the chances of date by almost 2.5 times, and sex by 39%.